Research continuity and research recovery depend on uninterrupted access to highly specialized laboratory equipment.  Even if a building is intact and utilities restored, damaged or destroyed equipment will restrict research or bring it to a halt.  In some cases this can severely impact programs dependent on longitudinal research data that cannot tolerate a prolonged interruption of research activities.

Replacement of highly specialized equipment may take many weeks or even months.  This situation may be avoided by restraining equipment through the ProtectSU program.

Three Options

There are three options for participation in the ProtectSU Program:

ProtectSU – Managed Project

  • The ProtectSU Program Coordinator will manage the planning and bring in the vendor to install seismic restraints.
  • Ideal for a laboratory or building with many items to restrain.
  • The program will fund up to 75% of the cost, as long as the equipment is not required to be restrained by code.
  • With ProtectSU project management, the cost will be lower, involvement by department staff will be limited, and the restraints will be applied consistently across campus.

Department-Managed Project

  • A laboratory with a small number of items can install the URB and bench top restraints on their own using instructions on the ProtectSU website. 
  • Materials needed to restrain equipment are available through Grainger and on SmartMart.
  • Reimbursement is available for equipment with an initial purchase price of $20,000 or more, as long as the equipment is not required to be restrainedby code.
  • Apply for reimbursement using the ProtectSU Reimbursement Form for a Dept Managed Project

New Construction or Renovation


Further information on seismic restraints can be found on this website:

  • Product Classification
    Use the product classification when you have a specific piece of
    equipment to restrain and would like to see the best way to restrain it.
  • Restraint Schemes
    Use the restraint schemes to browse engineered solutions for all types of equipment.
  • Schematics
    Use the schematics section to see engineered specifications for restraining specific equipment including code required items.