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EH&S Presentations

2003 SOC Workshop Presentations
April 17, 2003 at Stanford EH&S.

Campus Emergency Preparedness: Planning in the Post 9/11 World. Larry Gibbs, CIH- Associate Vice Provost, Stanford University.

Emergency Preparedness: the Public Safety Perspective Laura Wilson, Director of Public Safety, Stanford University.

"Communication and Team Coordination in Crisis Management."
Larry Gibbs, CIH- Associate Vice Provost. Ellyn Segal, Biosafety Manager.

This is the presentation from the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) Conference. The CSHEMA Conference was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July, 2002.

"Getting More than Regulatory Compliance out of a Chemical Inventory System."
Russell Furr, Industrial Hygienist.

CSHEMA Conference, July, 2002.

"Development of a Reproductive and Development Health Protection Program. Why and How."
Esther Luckhurdt, Industrial Hygienist.

CSHEMA Conference, July, 2002.

"Health and Safety Challenges in Start-Up of a Multi-Discipline/ Open Lab Research Building."
Yong Kim, Russell Furr, Lawrence M. Gibbs, Ling Sue Teng, Stanford University, Department of Environmental Health and Safety

AIHCE Conference, May, 2004.

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