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What kind of training do I need?

Everyone in the Stanford Community is required to take some safety training. However, there are many courses that are available.

To clarify what safety training is necessary for each job function, we developed the Training Advisor. This is an online tool for determining what safety training a SU employee needs to take.

All Stanford employees should use the Training Advisor upon hiring, and upon changing job functions. If you've been a Stanford employee for a while but have not yet used it, we suggest that you do so now.

We strongly recommend that you use the Training Advisor tool while sitting down with your Supervisor. The results of your answering the Training Advisor questions will be sent to both you and your supervisor.

In addition, please read the section below on "Tier III" training.

Click here to launch the Training Advisor.

The Three Tiers of Training at Stanford University:

There are three "tiers" of training at Stanford University.

Tier I - Very General - Offered by Human Resources at New Employee Orientation regarding health and safety policies and procedures at Stanford.

Tier II - More Specific - Offered by Schools and Departments in conjunction with EH&S for training topics pertaining to a work area's activities.

Tiers I and II are covered by the Training Advisor online tool. Tier III training is in addition to the training covered in the Training Advisor.

Tier III - Most Specific - This is the responsibility of Supervisors, Managers, Faculty, and Principal Investigators on specific hazards in the work unit or lab.

Supervisors, Managers, and Principal Investigators must provide Tier III health and safety training on hazards specific to the job site, equipment used, experimental procedures, etc. Supervisors, Managers, and Principal Investigators may contact EH&S for assistance in developing and reviewing their local Tier III training. Please contact the Occupational Health and Safety group at 725-3209.

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