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Food & Beverage Permits Policy

All sales or other organized distributions of food and beverage at campus events must comply with Santa Clara County health requirements.

“A temporary event permit is required when food or beverage is to be sampled,
sold, or given [free of charge] at a community event. A “Community Event” is defined as an event that is of a civic, political, public or educational nature, including fairs… festivals… and other public gathering events…”
Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health

Tools for Successful Planning

For further information regarding permits and other food service requirements, please contact:

Department of Environmental Health
Consumer Protection Division
1555 Berger Dr., Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95112

Also contact the Stanford Fire Marshal for any related booth, tent and fire permits.

Please Note: Certain other policies may apply depending on the event. For further information please contact:

Office of Special Events & Protocol or 724-1387