Paul Wallace


Areas of Interest
Game Studies, Critical Theory, Performance Studies, Space, Identity, Consciousness


Paul researches exploration-based media such as video games, experimental theater, and installation art. His work investigates the act of exploration, seeking to articulate how “worlds” and “identities” are constituted via exploring the “possibility space” that exists within such media. Specifically, he studies the way space, the self, and narrative act as emergent models and designed interfaces for navigating and affecting data, and how this process can inform our understanding of consciousness, ethics, and embodiment. Prior to Stanford, Paul worked as a lead producer on such projects as “Marvel Universe Live”, the “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” trailers, and the “Port Huron Project”. He holds a BA in art-semiotics from Brown University.


“Exploration: Interfacing Complexity via Worlds and Identities”, Interactive Media & Games Seminar Series, Stanford University, November 2015.