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OSR Revised Infrastructure Charge Guidelines

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OSR Desk Procedures

Burden Map

Burdening Adjustments Guidelines


OSR Revised infrastructure Charge Guidelines

Powerpoint presentation

OSR Infrastructure/Utility Charge Procedure

Burden Schedule Listing

Burden Structures Listing

Selecting The Correct Fiscal Year Burden Schedule

Stanford Rates to Fiscal Year 1975

An Overview of Burdening in Oracle

Burden Reconciliation Examples

Add or Delete Project Transaction Controls

Correcting Project Transaction Controls when an Incorrect Project Template is Used

Template Correction Spreadsheet

Capital Equipment/Fabrications do not vest with Stanford

Capital Equipment is not Chargeable

Transaction Controls, Capital Equipment and Fabrications Spreadsheet

Accounts Payable Transactions on Invalid PTAs presentation

Guide to Setting up a PTA

Exhibit A: Task Service Types

Exhibit AA: Task Burden Schedule Override

Exhibit AB: Burden Schedule Flow Chart

Exhibit AC: Attaching NOA's

Exhibit AD: Naming Conventions (Sponsored)

Exhibit AD: Funding Source Names:

Exhibit AE: CIRM PTA Setup Procedures

Exhibit AF: Selecting the Correct Project Template

Exhibit AI: JPA PAIRE Setup

Exhibit AJ: Award Budget Categories

Exhibit AK: Oracle Personnel Tip Sheet

Exhibit AL: GCEP Setup Procedures

Exhibit AM: PSA PAIRE Setup

Exhibit AN: IPA Setup

Exhibit AO: Project Types Defined

Exhibit AQ: Clinical Trials Setup Procedure

Exhibit B: Award Range

Exhibit C: Award Type

Exhibit D: Award Purpose Codes

Exhibit E: Revenue & Billing Rules

Exhibit E, Cont.: AR Setup Rules

Exhibit F: Allowed Cost Schedules

Exhibit G: Terms & Conditions

Exhibit H: References

Exhibit I: Expenditure Types

Exhibit J: Early PTA Procedures

Exhibit K: Fabrication Setup Procedure

Exhibit L: Cost Sharing Procedure

Exhibit N: No Cost Extensions

Exhibit O: Early Award Extension

Exhibit P: Fellowships & Fin. Aid

Exhibit R: Basic PTA Setup

Exhibit S: Interest and EFP

Exhibit T: Cost Sharing

Exhibit U: Generating Revenue

Exhibit V: DoD F&A Cap

Exhibit W: Program Income

Exhibit X: Transaction Controls on Project Templates

Exhibit Y: PTA Setup Procedures for Third Party Invoicing

Exhibit Z: Printing Setup Decision Map

Budget Allocation Procedure

Sponsored Project Attribute Coding

Chart of Accounts

Audit Follow-up Memo

Subaward Desktop Procedures

Subaward Definitions

Application of IDC on Subcontracts Memo

Fund Transfer Guidelines

Refund Check Procedures

Sponsored PTA Manager - New PTA - Post Award User Guide

Sponsored PTA Manager - Early/Extend - Post Award User Guide

Sponsored PTA Manager - Amendments User Guide

Little XI 2016 Spring Meeting Registration-copy