Spilker Engineering & Applied Sciences Building

Nano Center

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The James and Anna Marie Spilker Engineering & Applied Science Building houses the Edward L. Ginzton independent laboratory as well as the offices of the Department of Applied Physics. Research activities in the Nano Center span a broad range of areas from photonics and quantum engineering to single-molecule biophysics. User facilities within the building feature some of the most advanced nanoscale patterning and characterization equipment available (complementing the nearby Stanford Nanocharacterization Lab and Stanford Nanofabrication Facility), largely in underground installations to provide the stringent control of vibration, light, and cleanliness that is essential for nanoscale research. The new facilities have been tailored to meet the cutting-edge requirements of over seventy researchers from all over campus, including leaders in the natural and physical sciences, engineering, and medicine, who are exploring nanoscale properties and devices with potential applications as diverse as water purification, energy conservation, drug delivery, and national security.