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Dec 10, 2010
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AP launches new Department web site

Welcome to the new Department of Applied Physics web site!  We hope that you will find it more inviting, informative, and interactive than the old one.  The presentation has been reorganized around four AP-centric themes of current research on campus and at SLAC: Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering, Lasers and Accelerators, Condensed Matter Physics, and Experimental and Theoretical Biophysics.  Each theme has its own landing page, on which you will find a listing of relevant courses, facilities, and faculty, from both within and outside the Applied Physics Department.  Note that it is possible to filter the site content much more narrowly if you so desire—this can be done either using the search box located at the top of each page or via the “Browse all topic tags” interface.  A more traditional listing of Department faculty, as well as admissions and academic program information can be accessed using the “Navigate” pop-up menu.  Additional new features include the Alumni page and the Department blog (“Applied Physics Posts”); you can also now sign up for an email newsletter that will periodically be generated using new content added to the site.