Lambertus Hesselink

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics by Courtesy
Professor of Applied Physics by Courtesy


Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering

Professor Hesselink's research encompasses fundamental research on optics, photonics and optical materials guided by significant applications. We are focusing on ultra-high performance nano-photonics devices based on a new class of nano-apertures that provide more than 1,000,000 times the optical power throughput of conventional round or square apertures. These apertures form the basis of new applications in many areas of nano-photonics, including, but not limited to, optical data storage, biophysics, and spectroscopy. In addition we are continuing to further develop digital holographic storage, which we pioneered in 1994. Currently holographic storage is one of two premier candidates for the next generation of DVD devices. We also carry out materials research needed to advance the performance of these devices, or to increase our understanding of biological media using a holistic system approach. Currently we are studying the interaction between ultra-fast laser beams and biological tissue. All device and system research is supported by an extensive effort on exact modeling of underlying fundamental physical principles.