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This archived information is dated to the 2011-12 academic year only and may no longer be current.

For currently applicable policies and information, see the current Stanford Bulletin.

Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR)

Doctoral students who have been admitted to candidacy, completed all required courses and degree requirements other than the University oral exam and dissertation, completed 135 units or 10.5 quarters of residency (if under the old residency policy), and submitted a Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee form, may request Terminal Graduate Registration status to complete their dissertations. Students pursuing Engineer degrees may apply for TGR status after admission to candidacy, completion of all required courses, and completion of 90 units or six quarters of residency (if under the old residency policy). Students enrolled in master's programs with a required project or thesis may apply for TGR status upon completion of all required courses and completion of 45 units. Students with more than one active graduate degree program must be TGR-eligible in all programs in order to apply for TGR status.

The TGR Final Registration status may also be granted for one quarter only to a graduate student who is returning after reinstatement, working on incompletes in his or her final quarter, or registering for one final term after all requirements are completed when Graduation Quarter is not applicable. TGR requirements above apply. Doctoral students under the term-based residency policy need nine quarters of residency to qualify for TGR Final Registration Status.

Each quarter, TGR students must enroll in the 801 (for master's and Engineer students) or 802 (for doctoral students) course in their department for zero units, in the appropriate section for their adviser. TGR students register at a special tuition rate: $2,517 per quarter in 2010-11. TGR students may enroll in up to 3 units of course work per quarter at this tuition rate. Within certain restrictions, TGR students may enroll in additional courses at the applicable unit rate. The additional courses cannot be applied toward degree requirements since all degree requirements must be complete in order to earn TGR status. See the "Minimum Progress Requirements for Graduate Students" of this bulletin for information about satisfactory progress requirements for TGR students.

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