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This archived information is dated to the 2011-12 academic year only and may no longer be current.

For currently applicable policies and information, see the current Stanford Bulletin.

Coterminal B.S./M.S. Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Stanford undergraduates who wish to continue their studies for the Master of Science degree in the coterminal program at Stanford must have earned a minimum of 120 units towards graduation. This includes allowable Advanced Placement (AP) and transfer credit. Applicants must submit their application no later than the quarter prior to the expected completion of their undergraduate degree and and are expected to meet the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering application deadlines for all applicants for graduate study (January 15, 2011 to be considered for financial aid, and also if no financial aid is requested). Applications are considered once a year near the beginning of Winter Quarter. An application must display evidence of potential for strong academic performance as a graduate student.

It is recommended that students who contemplate advanced study at Stanford discuss their plans with their advisers in the junior year.

University requirements for the coterminal M.S. are described in the "Coterminal Bachelor's and Master's Degrees" section of this bulletin. For University coterminal degree program rules and University application forms, see

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