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Emeriti: (Professors) Herbert L. Abrams, Malcolm Bagshaw, Ronald Castellino, Barton Lane, Gerald Friedland, David A. Goodwin, Henry H. Jones, William Marshall, I. Ross McDougall, Robert E. Mindelzun, William H. Northway, Bruce R. Parker, Lewis Wexler, Leslie M. Zatz

Chair: Gary M. Glazer

Professors: Scott W. Atlas, Richard A. Barth, Christopher F. Beaulieu, Michale Federle, Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, Gary M. Glazer, Gary H. Glover, Michael L. Goris, Robert J. Herfkens, Dave Hovsepian, Debra M. Ikeda, R. Brooke Jeffrey, Ann Leung, Michael Marks, Michael Moseley, Sandy Napel, Matilde Nino-Murcia, Norbert J. Pelc, Allan Reiss, Geoffrey Rubin, Brian Rutt, George Segall, F. Graham Sommer, Daniel Spielman

Professors (Research): R. Kim Butts-Pauly

Associate Professors: Francis Blankenberg, Frandics P. Chan, Bruce Daniel, Terry Desser, Huy M. Do, Nancy Fischbein, Dominik Fleischmann, Garry E. Gold, Lawrence Hofmann, Beverley Newman, Eric W. Olcott, Kathryn J. Stevens, Daniel Y. Sze

Associate Professors (Research): Roland Bammer, Rebecca Fahrig, Sylvia Plevritis

Assistant Professors: Sandip Biswal, Robert Dodd, Gloria Hwang, Aya Kamaya, Nishita Kothary, William Kuo, Jafi Lipson, Andrew Quon, Jianghong Rao, Daniel Rubin, Lewis Shin, Shreyas Vasanawala, Juergen Willmann, Joseph Wu, Kristen Yeom, Greg Zaharchuk

Assistant Professors (Research): Zhen Cheng, Brian Hargreaves, David Paik, Ramasamy Paulmurugan

Web Site:

Courses offered by the Department of Radiology are listed under the subject code RAD on the Stanford Bulletin's ExploreCourses web site.

The Department of Radiology does not offer degrees; however, its faculty teach courses open to medical students, graduate students, and undergraduates. The department also accepts students in other curricula as advisees for study and research. Undergraduates may also arrange individual research projects under the supervision of the department's faculty. This discipline focuses on the use of radiation, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance as diagnostic, therapeutic, and research tools. The fundamental and applied research within the department reflects this broad spectrum as it relates to anatomy, pathology, physiology, and interventional procedures. Original research and development of new clinical applications in medical imaging is supported within the Radiological Sciences Laboratory.

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