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This archived information is dated to the 2011-12 academic year only and may no longer be current.

For currently applicable policies and information, see the current Stanford Bulletin.

Minor in Drama

The requirements for the Minor in Drama are designed to integrate the critical and historical study of drama with the study and experience of performance. A total of 30 units are required to obtain a Minor in Drama. The minor provides aesthetic and critical opportunities for students to develop special aptitudes. Students are encouraged to declare a minor in their sophomore year.


Required Courses—30 units total for the minor

A course may be listed in more than one area; however, each course can only satisfy one minor requirement. There is no double credit for a course. A student may petition to the department Undergraduate Adviser to have additional courses offered by the department count towards requirements in areas 2 and 3. Drama 101H, How Theater Thinks, is required with no exceptions. All core courses must be taken for a letter grade to satisfy the requirement.

  1. Introductory Core Courses—8 units

    DRAMA 101H. How Theater Thinks (4 units) REQUIRED

    DRAMA 30. How Theater is Designed (4 units)

    DRAMA 101P. How Practice Practices (4 units)

  2. Theatrical Literature/History—4 units

    Any course between DRAMA 150-169, DANCE 160-161(Instructor on leave; no courses offered in DANCE 160-161 for academic year 2011-12). The following courses are offered in 2011-12

    • DRAMA 151T. Great Books
    • DRAMA 152H. Food and Performance
    • DRAMA 155H. Our Town
    • DRAMA 157H. Pop Up: Race and Popular Culture
    • DRAMA 159H. Comedy and Identity
    • DRAMA 162H. Baroque Modernities: Dance, Theater, Film, and Political Theory
    • DRAMA 163S. New Black or Postblack Drama in the Age of Obama
    • DRAMA 164. Performance and Gender
    • DRAMA 164T. Queer Theory
    • DRAMA.165T. Africa in the African American Imaginary
    • DRAMA 166H. Historiography of Theater
    • DRAMA 167T. Critical Theory
    • DRAMA 168H. Avant Garde Theater ll
    • DRAMA 168T. Inside Story: Biology and Biography in Performance and Art
    • DRAMA 169T. Photography and Memory
    • DRAMA 176H. Black Women Playwrights
  3. Theatrical Performance Courses: Acting, Dance, Design, Directing, and Playwriting—4 units

    Acting courses between DRAMA 21-29, 103-105, 120-129, 203, 201V, 210.

    The following courses are offered in 2011-12:

    • DRAMA 103. Beginning Improvising
    • DRAMA 105V. Improv and Design
    • DRAMA 110. Identity, Diversity, and Aesthetics: The Institute for Diversity in the Arts (IDA)
    • DRAMA120A. Introduction to Acting I
    • DRAMA 120 B. Introduction to Acting ll
    • DRAMA 120V. Vocal Production and Audition
    • DRAMA 121S. Acting Shakespeare
    • DRAMA 122. Contemporary Vernacular Dance in New Musical Theater
    • DRAMA 122P. Undergraduate Acting Project
    • Directing, Playwriting and Dramaturgy courses between DRAMA 170-179.
    • The following courses are offered in 2011-12:
      • DRAMA 170B. Actor/Director Dialogue
      • DRAMA 171. Performance Making: Process
      • DRAMA 174A. Performance Making: Production
      • DRAMA 177. Writing for Performance
      • DRAMA 178. Playwriting
      • DRAMA 179F. Flor y Canto: Poetry Writing
    • Design, Stage Management, and Production courses between DRAMA 31, 131-133, 137-39D, 42, 140, 231-240
    • The following courses are offered in 2011-12:
      • DRAMA 28. Makeup for the Stage
      • DRAMA 31. Introduction to Lighting and Production
      • DRAMA 32F. History of Fashion
      • DRAMA 34S. Fundamentals of Sound in Performance: Theory and Technique
      • DRAMA 42. Costume Construction
      • DRAMA 131. Lighting Design
      • DRAMA 132. Costume Design
      • DRAMA 133. Stage Scenery Design
      • DRAMA 137. Hand Drafting for Designers
      • DRAMA 138. Digital Production

    DANCE courses between 30-149.

  4. Theatrical Production—2 units

    DRAMA 39. Theater Crew

  5. Electives—12 units

    Any courses in DRAMA or DANCE.

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