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SURF Application

Deadline May 13, 2016 . This form for Stanford students only.

Non-Stanford students can apply to SURF via the Leadership Alliance SR-EIP program.

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Application Instructions

The SURF application has four sections:

I. Contact Information
II. Academic Information
III. Site of Research
IV. Supporting Documents

I. Contact Information

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II. Academic Information

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III. Site of Research

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IV. Supporting Documents

Your application will not be considered complete until you have submitted in PDF format (1) resume (2) transcript (3) a one page statement of purpose: research plans, experiences, projects, and expectations (4) two letters of recommendations. Letters of recommendations should be sent to:

Click here for more in-depth information regarding supporting documents.

By Submitting This Application You Understand:

Stanford’s School of Engineering believes that a student body that is both highly qualified and diverse in terms of culture, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, background, work and life experiences, skills, and interests are essential. The SoE especially encourages applications from African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, women, as well as others whose backgrounds and experiences provide additional dimensions that will enhance the SoE’s educational program.