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Home Security

  • All windows should be secured with anti-slide devices.
  • Sliding glass doors should have a cane bolt lock in low-rise apartments and in first floor mid- and high-rise apartments.
  • Move valuables so they cannot be seen from porch windows.
  • Never leave a house key hidden outside your home.
  • Mid and high-rise residents should release the front door only to visitors who positively identify themselves.
  • Arrange for an unlisted telephone number, which limits access to your address.
  • If you live off campus, do not put your name on the outside of your residence mailbox and do not leave notes on outside doors.

Theft Protection

  • When leaving your dorm room, home, or office, lock doors and windows even if you will be gone for "just a minute."
  • Never leave purse, wallets, or valuables exposed; store them out of sight. Be especially careful with your credit cards, which are very popular items among thieves because they are usually easy to steal and then use again. Consider obtaining a credit card with your photo imprinted on it.
  • Computers, especially if they are portable, are primary targets of theft. Consider the purchase of a locking security device.
  • Contact the SUDPS to borrow engravers for your home or office equipment; engrave computers, stereos, and televisions with your driver's license number (including home state) or department name. Do not engrave on removable serial number plates.
  • Keep a list of all items and serial numbers in a safe place.
  • Never prop open a locked door.
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Office Equipment

  • Record the serial numbers, brand names and descriptions of property or valuables that are kept in your office. Keep a duplicate copy of this information and a photo of the item somewhere else. It can be used to recover stolen property.
  • Engrave University property with "Stanford U" and your department name. For personal items, engrave your driver's license number and home state on the item.
  • Ask strangers in your office to identify themselves.

Car Protection

  • When you leave your car, always remove the ignition key and lock all doors. Do not leave valuables in the car, but if you must, lock them in the trunk.
  • Engrave your stereo system and other removable equipment with your driver's license number and home state.
  • When parking at night, park in well-lit, well-traveled areas.
  • Consider installing tamper-proof door locks and/or a car alarm. Also, consider using a lockable car cover.

Cellular Phone Protection

There are approximately 170 million cellular phone customers across the country, and the number of users increases every day. Coupled with this increase in cellular phone use has been an increase in cellular phone fraud. Here are some tips on how a cellular phone user can avoid cellular phone fraud:

  • Carry your phone with you whenever possible and make sure it is in a safe place whenever you leave it behind. If you are leaving your phone in your car, be sure it is hidden from view.
  • Turn off your phone when you are not using it.
  • Request a personal identification number.
  • Use the "lock" feature on your phone.
  • Report a stolen cellular telephone immediately to the cellular telephone carrier and police.
  • Check your monthly bills carefully, and report unfamiliar calls to your cellular phone company.
  • Don't give out your electronic serial number or even your phone number to strangers, including callers who represent themselves as technicians testing your line.
  • Keep your subscriber agreement, which includes your electronic serial number, in a private place.
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Holiday Security

If you leave campus during school holidays:
  • Store your bicycle with Student Housing (
  • If you leave your car on campus, remove all valuables from it.
  • Place valuables that you cannot take with you out of sight in your dorm room and unplug all appliances before you leave.
  • Park your car in a well-lit location and leave your keys and contact information with a trusted friend.
If you stay on campus during holidays or the summer:
  • Be alert to any suspicious persons around dorms, bike racks, or parking lots.
  • Call 9-911/9-1-1 immediately to report any unusual activity.
If you live off campus and are leaving for vacation:
  • Lock doors and windows securely.
  • Turn your telephone ringers down low so a burglar won't be alerted to your absence by its ringing.
  • Make your house/apartment look occupied - have a friend or neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers; set televisions and lights on timers; leave your blinds, shades, and curtains in their normal positions; keep lawns mowed and watered.
  • Leave your vacation phone number, address, and itinerary with a trusted friend so you can be reached in case of an emergency.

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