BioGeoChemistry / Vitousek Lab

Located in the Yang & Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building Rm. B61, (650) 725-1856

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Lab Supplies and Consumables:

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ThermoFisher Hewlett-Packard FedEx
VWR Cole-Parmer NIST
Forestry Suppliers Sigma-Aldrich Scott Specialty Gases
Dionex Praxair Applied Scientific
Ben Meadows Costech Nalgene
Gilson Inc. Wheaton Parr Instrument Co.
Millipore Bellco Glass Irama Corp.
Barnstead/Thermolyne Hitachi Thomas Scientific
Art's Manufacturing (AMS) Evergreen Scientific Matheson Tri-Gas
Ultra Scientific Cambridge Isotope Labs ICN
Andotek Environmental Express SPEX CertiPrep
RTC ICON Services Promochem
SKS Science