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T1 WNW corner LSAG fert plot 265376 2148174 all >30 NC fairly tall ohia-hapuu
T2 SSW corner 265385 2148174 all >30 NC fairly tall ohia-hapuu, near throughfall site
T3 SSE corner 265554 2148161 all >30 NC shorter ohia, less hapuu more ginger and some uluhe
T4 ENE corner 265523 2148246 all >30 NC shorter ohia, hapuu on n and less on s. a little Myrica around.  
T5 tall forest 265279 2148160 all >30 NC chosen as tall from image.  Ohia, tall hapuu.
T6 open patch 265730 2148168 2 about 30, 3 less down to 20 NC chosen as short from image; patch ca 150 m east of LSAG.  Is uluhe, some dead trees, shallow soil.  Some Myrica around
T7 high N 265750 2147983 2 about 30, 3 > 30 I chosen as high N from image.  Myrica in canopy, lots but not monodominant.  
T8 short canopy 265387 2148389 2 about 30, 3 > 30 NC chosen as short canopy from image.  In SEA across fence from plot.  Short open ohia, lots of hapuu.  Dieback?  Certainly had happened there.  
T9 pasture 264898 2148926 all >30; soil compacted HD pasture near main road, just outside park (walking thurston fence past corner)
T10 tall forest 264843 2148918 all >30 NC tall forest across the fence from pasture.  Guava and mosqitoes; ginger controlled.
T11 short canopy 264955 2148841 all > 30 I dieback area in park; ohia ilex myrica; some himalayan raspberry; ginger control.
T12  short canopy 264971 2148855 all > 30 I out of park, dieback area; same as T11 but no ginger control so lots of kahili in addition.
T13 clearing 264735 2148752 4 30+, 1 ~25 HD in orchid clearing in park on escape road. Very short ohia and grass.
T14 lava lake 264509 2147950 no soil V floor of kilauea iki, no soil.  Scattered ohia, ohelo
T15 crater wall 264490 2147815 rocky slope V very short ohia with dense ginger understory; once cleared before invaders abundant?  Pasture 25 m or so north.  Going on towards pasture corner, encounter tall dead Ohia (dieback) maybe 50-60 m from park.  None near T37.
T16 short canopy 265270 2147235 1 30 +, others much less I Short ohia with uluhe, down escape road on W.  Myrica in area.  Shallow soils.
T17 taller canopy 265335 2147276 4 30+, 1 almost I Across escape road and fence from T16.  Taller canopy, with Myrica tree fern scattered ginger no uluhe.  Outside park.
T18 short canopy 265084 2147582 3 30+, 2 shallow.  All gravelly. NC Short canopy uluhe with ohia overstory, north of crater rim trail after it leaves escape road.
T19   tall forest 265081 2147662 5 30+, gravelly NC Tall canopy of ohia, north from T18 and across a nasty crack and what looks like a road… what is this feature anyway.  But tall ohia tree fern site, nice forest.
T20 short canopy 265185 2147999 5 30+ I opening on other side of third thurston pit, not far from lsag site.  On slope, dieback, lots of ginger some myrica uluhe raspberry under open ohia tree fern canopy.  
T21 short high water 264821 2148675 I Just past orchid clearing, short canopy with some Myrica, lots of Kawau, mostly ohia, uluhe, recent ginger clearing
T22 tall low water 264738 2148689 NC Across escape road; taller ohia, hapuu, some uluhe sadleria kawau. Ginger cleared longer ago?
9/21/2007 I question the new images of water, N; not telling the same story as earlier set from Thurston. Also lost book on 9/21; info recorded that day.
T23 low water high N 266041 2147789 I Southeast of lsag; myrica with lots of dead individuals, including where point was taken
T24 high water high N 266130 2147590 I closed Myrica, not a huge patch but all healthy
T25 Short ohia 265766 2147588 I short ohia with some Myrica around, on way out
T26 dense Myrica 265670 2147600 gps shifted from gap into area where photo. I bigger patch of fairly tall closed Myrica, on way out.
T27 ohia and myrica 265637 2148402 I tall ohia and frequent Myrica
T28 tall ohia 265924 2148405 NC tall ohia, little Myrica, hapuu ginger uluhe small guava
T29 Myrica tree fern savanna 266054 2148546 NC dense hapuu, Myrica ohia in overstory.  Fern savanna, seeing hapuu as well as myrica canopy?
T30 clearing 266270 2148651 HD clearing with grass; looks like house lot from image but not.  Bulldoze?   Graze?
T31 ohia  266100 2148931 NC fairly tall ohia, sparse Myrica, hapuu ginger.  Mosqitoes here and often.
T32 dense Myrica 265977 2148939 I dense Myrica, scattered hapuu underneath.  One tall guava
T33 tall myrica ohia 265685 2149008 I tall ohia with abundant tall Myrica, sparse ginger hapuu under
T34 grass opening 265565 2149019 HD open grass area, connected to more to north.  No photos taken
T35 koa 265359 2148992 HD koa overstory; must be planted.  House maybe 30 m ahead… ilex ohia also.  Short forest and uluhe between 34 and 35; clearing history.  From there to 265272 2148917, planted koa, some conifers, camellia in understory as well as natives.  Skirted house, clearing to north.
T36 tall ohia 265103 2148932 HD tall ohia with ginger, hapuu.  Few Myrica.  En route from T35, disturbed-looking and Myrica invaded forest; understory sparse; once grazed?
T37 short ohia 265047 2148944 HD very short ohia with dense ginger understory; once cleared before invaders abundant?  Pasture 25 m or so north.  Going on towards pasture corner, encounter tall dead Ohia (dieback) maybe 50-60 m from park.  None near T37.











































































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