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TA Training for International Students

In order to be approved for an appointment as a teaching assistant (TA) or course assistant (CA), international students need to get a clearance from the English for Foreign Students program. Click here for more information.

TA training course: EFS 692, Speaking and Teaching in English

EFS 692 is designed to prepare students to take on the role of teaching assistant at Stanford. The course focuses on the skills and strategies necessary for success in that teaching position. Ideally, the class should be taken in the quarter before the TA assignment begins.
     The course should not be taken until completion of all requirements for the following: 690A, 690B, 693A,  and 695A. EFS 692 is not intended for development of general public speaking skills, and students who do not plan to TA within the next 12 months should not be taking it.  If you are uncertain as to whether or when you should take the course contact Phil Hubbard.

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