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ESL Methodology Courses for Stanford Students

The following courses train both native and non-native English-speaking students  to teach English as a second or foreign language.

Linguistics 90 - Teaching Spoken English
Relatively practical treatment of methodology for undergraduate students planning to teach English abroad; includes tutoring, class observation, and practice teaching. Prerequisite: none.
3-4 units.  Spring (Rylance)

Linguistics 191/291 - Linguistics and the Teaching of English as a Second/Foreign Language
A theory to practice course including a review of second language acquisition research and teaching methodology, with tutoring practice. Includes optional seminar in computer-assisted language learning.
Prerequisite: none, though a course in general linguistics is recommended.
4-5 units  Winter (Hubbard)

Note that these are independent courses which do not constitute a minor, and students typically take only one of them. Stanford does not have a certificate program in teaching ESL


Last updated February 27, 2009