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How To:  Create a Standard Non-Catalog Requisition

Before You Start

  • If you will be ordering from a new supplier, use the Supplier Query tool to search the Supplier Database to ensure the supplier you wish to add is not already included.

    Note:  The Supplier Query tool is available in the SU Inquiry Tools folder from the Oracle Financials home page.

    Once you determine that the Supplier is not currently in the Supplier Database, submit a request for a new supplier. This should be done as far in advance of creating your requisition as possible. It takes up to three days for the Supplier Enablement Group to qualify and set up new suppliers.

  • When creating your Standard Requisition, you will be required to attest that the pricing for the goods or services is reasonable. Please see Guidance for Ensuring Price Reasonableness. For orders $25,000 and over, it is required that you either attach Competitive Bids or a completed Single/Sole Source Justification form. Purchasing will reject requisitions submitted without the necessary attachments.

    It is strongly recommended that you also attach Competitive Bids or a completed Single/Sole Source Justification form for orders under $25,000.

    You should have either competitive bids or a Single/Sole Source Justification form ready for electronic attachment to the transaction.

Other documentation is required for all construction-related projects (including architectural services) of any dollar amount, and for other projects performed by contractors, consultants and service providers. See Purchases Requiring a Bilateral Contract.

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bullet iconStep 2 – Select Standard Requisition Request Type

Note:  Do not mix Standard non-catalog request types with SmartMart items on a single requisition.

Standard Blanket

Standard Blanket Orders are used for the purchase of goods that will be incurred over a period of time and with a Not-To-Exceed $ value.

Standard Capital Equipment

Standard Capital Equipment orders are for the purchase of capital equipment.

There is no need to create a Standard Capital Equipment order if the equipment is available in test. See How To: Order Capital Equipment through SmartMart.

Standard Capital Project

Standard Capital Project requisitions are used for the purchase of products or services that contribute to a capital project.

Standard Consultant

Standard Consultant requisitions are used for the purchase of consultant services.

Standard Goods

Standard Lease

Standard Radioactive

Standard Radioactive requisitions are used for the purchase of radioactive items.

Standard Services

Standard Subaward

bullet iconStep 3 – Add Additional Line Items or Ship from Foreign Country

Add Additional Line Items

Each item on a quote should be entered as a separate line item on the requisition.

Ship from Foreign Country

If the item (non-Capital) will be shipped to Stanford from a foreign country, customs forms and fees, as well as freight forwarding services, will need to be provided by a customs broker. Use expenditure type 55320 for this line at checkout.

See Step 2 above for ordering customs clearance or freight forwarding for Capital Equipment.

To order shipping from a foreign country for Non-Capital Equipment, continue

bullet iconStep 4 – Checkout

bullet iconPage 1:  Requisition Information

Charge One PTA / Expenditure Type

Charge Multiple PTAs

Use Multiple Expenditure Types


What's Next?

  • If the requisition is a Standard Capital Equipment request, it is routed to the Department Property Administrator first before proceeding with one of the following:
    • If the requisition is under $25,000 (with or without a contract), it is routed to the department approver. Upon department approval, the requisition becomes a purchase order with a unique 8-digit number and is auto-emailed directly to the company.
    • If the requisition totals more than $25,000, it is assigned to a Purchasing Agent in Procurement – Purchasing Services.
    • If the requisition requires a contract, it is routed to the Contracts Team.


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