Foreign Activity Registration

Objectives and Benefits

This inventory is a repository for information about global activities funded or sponsored by Stanford. During 2010 the registry web-form was simplified, and skeletal project data was imported from other Stanford systems to avoid duplication of effort. By registering your project you are:

Enabling Stanford to better support global academic activities

The database will be used to inform the development of new tools and services to better support global academic activities.


  • Enabling the coordination of safety and security programs for Stanford's students and personnel while working in a foreign location.
  • Establishing the necessary infrastructure support services and processes for starting up and sustaining international activities.
  • Providing operating "synergies" through knowledge and resource sharing in the interest of international cost containment

Enabling Stanford to meet compliance obligations

The University must comply with reporting mandates from the IRS and other federal agencies. These include identification of programmatic foreign activities, and associated foreign expenditures.


  • Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and employment practices whether international, local or U.S. with respect to the fulfillment of Stanford's mission

Creating visibility for your foreign activity

Global Business Services' Global Project Dashboard highlights the array of global activities undertaken across the University. It is accessible by the Stanford community, peer collaborators, and students.
: Should you not wish your project to appear on the Dashboard, an "opt-out" choice is provided.)


  • Facilitating international inter-faculty initiatives and collaboration.
  • Promoting coordination of the University's global strategic direction.
  • More effectively promoting Stanford's international programs, projects and activities.

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