Global Roles and Responsibilities

Central University offices and groups involved in institution-wide global infrastructure development are provided int he table below.

University Unit Responsibility Members & Contacts
Dean of Research
     » Office of International Affairs Support international research and collaborations. Coordinate academic global initiatives and research. Director, OIA
     » Export Controls Lead export control compliance program. Export Control Officer
Bechtel International Center Coordinate information and services for students and visitors coming to Stanford, and assistance with international scholarships. Director, Bechtel International Center
Business Affairs / Financial Management Services    
     » Global Business Services Lead development of enabling global business infrastructure and support regulatory compliance efforts. > Managing Director, Karen Kearney
> Global Programs Analyst, Anshu Tiku
> International Accountant, Lan Ma
Office of General Counsel Provide legal assistance for global activities. Staff Counsel for Global Affairs
Global HR Programs Support international hiring and assignments. Global HR Program Manager
(Global Business Infrastructure Group)

Cross-functional team purposed with sharing information and improving provision of business services to the Stanford community working outside the U.S.

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Business Affairs: Financial Management Services (Global Business Services, Tax, Payroll, Cash Management), HR, Risk Management, OSR, Internal Audit, Procurement & Purchasing and Payment Services, Dean of Research Office, OGC

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