Reports and Congressional Testimonies

Reports and Opinions of Market Surveillance Committee of California Independent System Operator

California ISO

Testimony Filed with  Public Utilities Commission of Texas on Congestion Revenue Rights Allocation in Texas Nodal Market (November 2005)

Congressional Testimony

  1. Little Hoover Commission of California Legislature:  Capturing the Benefits of California's Energy Infrastructure Investments. (September 27, 2011)
  2. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: Implementing a Modern System of Regulation for the Postal Service under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.  (February 28, 2008)
  3. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Transmission Congestion on the Delmarva Peninsula.  (September 2003)
  4. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs: On the Lessons that Should Be Learned about Regulating Energy Markets from the California Electricity Crisis and the Enron Bankruptcy.  (November 12, 2002)
  5. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Remedying Undue Discrimination through Open Access Transmission Service and Standard Market Design.  (November 2002)
  6. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation: On Enron's Role in California Energy Crisis.  (May 15, 2002)
  7. House Committee on Financial Services: On California Energy Crisis and its Implications for Long-Term Energy Policy.  (June 20, 2001)
  8. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs: On Role of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Functioning of California Electricity Market.  (June 13, 2001)