Stanford's Codiga Resource Recovery Center under construction on the northeast corner of the campus. Shown here are: Joe Kearny (Stanford project manager), Rupa Shenoy (NPR and WGBH Boston, with recording equipment), Dick Luthy, and Miguel Toledo (mechanical construction). When finished in late 2015, the pilot-scale facility will demonstrate energy efficient, decentralized water reclamation. (June 17, 2015)

Stanford graduation June 14, 2015 with MS graduates: Clara Wilder, David Fairburn, Bobby Plybon, Jeremy Gasser, Katie Miller, Anya Kaufmann, Claire Walker, and Kevin Randeni.

Dick Luthy and Marcus Quigley, CEO OptiRTC, stand atop a 250,000 gallon stormwater capture system at the National Mall in Washington, DC. The inlets in the granite curb catch runoff, which is held in an underground cistern, and then filtered and UV disinfected prior reuse for irrigation. Dick and Marcus visited the site and underground facilities as part of an NRC study on the beneficial use of graywater and rainwater.

Stanford researchers join with the Technische Universität München for a kick-off meeting to study new sensors for nitrous oxide in wastewater. Nitrous oxide is generated by the CANDO process from ammonia to make nitrogen management more energy efficient. The work is being conducted at Delta Diablo. Shown here are Christoph Berger and Max Weissbach from TUM with Dick Luthy, Yaniv Scherson, Zhiyue Wang, Jörg Drewes (TUM) and Craig Criddle. Jorg and Craig are the project PIs (August 13, 2014).

ReNUWIt researchers Dick Luthy, Ali Boehm, Joe Charbonett, David Sedlak and Julianne Rolf visit the Prado wetlands and the new open-water cells at the Orange County Water District. Scott Nygren, left, is the Wetlands Operation Supervisor for the District's Prado Wetlands. Scott led the design and construction of the three demonstration-scale, open-water unit process cells. Each of the three cells is 100x800 feet with a nominal detention time of two days; this test-bed advances ReNUWIt research on unit process wetlands and remote sensing and monitoring. (July 29, 2014)

Espen Eck, Diana Lin, Amy Oen and Dick Luthy conduct field work on Lake Maggiore, Italy, July 2014.

Diana Lin and Niveen Ismail at a poster session during the Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Science: Water, New Hampton School, NH, June 22-27, 2014

Greg LeFevre, Mi Nguyen (Berkeley), Lilli Janssen (ETH, Zurich), Peter Vikesland (Virginia Tech) and Helen Hsu-Kim (Duke) at a poster session during the Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Science: Water, New Hampton School, NH, June 22-27, 2014

Richard Luthy, Tom Zigterman and Craig Criddle paved the way for the Codiga Resource Recovery Center at Stanford, see the story here. (Mar 24, 2014)

Professor Luthy and students from his graduate class on physical and chemical treatment processes tour the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center on March 13, 2014. Standing to Professor Luthy's right is Jeannine Larabee, Assistant Engineer, Recycled Water Unit, with the Santa Clara Valley District and former student in this class. This is the largest advanced water purification plant in Northern California. To learn more about the facility click here.(Mar 13, 2014)

Jay Jasperse (Sonoma County Water Agency) and Marcus Quigley (Geosyntec) visit with Greg LeFerve, Brian Halaburka and Jordy Wolfand to discuss the laboratory-scale stormwater treatment bio-reactors. The laboratory setups are testing up-flow bark bio-reactors to remove nitrate in stormwater. The Sonoma County Water Agency and Geosyntec are partners with ReNUWIt on beneficial use of stormwater. (January 14, 2014)


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