Welcome! The healthy eating page has been developed in recognition of Eating Disorders Awareness Week for Cowell Student Health Service at Stanford University. You can use this site to learn more about the healthfulness of your eating habits, and to find more information about on- and off-campus nutrition and health resources.

In GOALS, you will find information about our reasons for starting and maintaining this site.

ANONYMITY addresses the privacy issues related to the use of this site, as well as information on how we will use the findings from the Self Analysis surveys.

RESOURCES provides a list of some of the best on– and off-campus resources relating to nutrition and eating issues.

HELP A FRIEND is a list of helpful steps to take when talking with a friend who may have food and body image issues.

And finally, the SELF ANALYSIS survey allows you to receive information based on your responses to the EAT-26 questionnaire, a nationally-recognized eating issues screening tool.