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The Office for Religious Life oversees and provides support for Stanford Associated Religions (SAR), more than thirty religious organizations invited to offer their spiritual services to the campus. All SAR organizations, individual members and advisors pledge (a) to promote the moral and spiritual growth of the Stanford University community; (b) to support the University's steady exercise of free inquiry and its pursuit of the highest standards of intellectual and moral excellence; (c) to represent that group and its purposes forthrightly, while at the same time treating with respect the religious traditions and activities of others; and (d) to safeguard the religious freedom, human dignity, conscience and personal spiritual welfare of all members of the university. In addition to the groups that comprise SAR, roughly a dozen student religious organizations affiliate only through the Office of Student Activities.

2009-2010 SAR Groups


Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at Stanford

Student President: Joe Foley,, 650-644-8229
Advisor: Prof. Peter Stone,, 650-725-2916
Professional Leader: Paul Gilbert,, 650-964-7576

Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics (AHA!) at Stanford holds biweekly discussion meetings on topics of interest to nonreligious students. AHA! also organizes larger educational events, such as guest lectures, of more general interest to the university community. All events are open to anyone, and friendly and respectful dialogue with religious students and student organizations is welcome.


Bahai Association at Stanford

Student President: Rafael Vasquez,, 623-340-3733

The Bahai Association at Stanford is a student organization dedicated to exploring, studying and practicing the teachings of the Bahai Faith. The group organizes activities and events that promote Bahai ideals such as the independent investigation of truth, the harmony of religion and science, the equality of men and women, the elimination of prejudices, the basic unity of all religions, the oneness of humanity, and the promotion of world peace. Study circles and service projects are always ongoing. Weekly meetings include prayer sessions and discussions on spiritual, moral or social topics. All are welcome.


Buddhist Community at Stanford

Student Co-Presidents: Trent Walker,; Mac Sriyanong,; Neekaan Oshidary,
Advisor: Prof. Carl Bielefeldt,, 650-723-0469/ 650-723-3322

The Buddhist Community at Stanford (BCAS) is an ecumenical group dedicated to creating a supportive community for Buddhist study and practice. Experienced Buddhists from different traditions as well as people who are exploring are welcome. Activities include: daily sitting periods, meditation classes, study groups, visits to local monasteries, Dharma talks, social gatherings, community service and more.

World Peace Buddhists

Student President: Vorrapan Chandee,
Advisor: Nora Richardson,, 650-725-9567

The World Peace Buddhists is a student club based on Nichiren Buddhism, and affiliated with the Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International (SGI). As practitioners of Buddhism, members strive to excel as individuals in daily life. Through participation in SGI activities, members strive to gain wisdom for living, courage to challenge oneself and others for positive changes, and have compassion for other people. It is a goal to contribute to the happiness and welfare of all. The group?s monthly discussions provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to learn more about Buddhism. All are welcome regardless of background or affiliation.


Abundant Life Christian Fellowship's Growth Groups at Stanford

Student President: Justin Brown,, 310-985-3517

Advisor: Pr. John Gorin,, 650-625-1500x114

The Abundant Life Christian Fellowship's Growth Groups at Stanford (ALCF-GG) seeks to bring together Stanford students for fellowship, Bible discussion and prayer in order to: facilitate becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ; facilitate becoming a highly effective Christian; provide the level of fellowship necessary for success in life, build authentic, godly relationships; and foster a strong sense of community and make a difference.

Acts 2 Christian Fellowship

Student President: Elizabeth Wong,, 209-380-5594
Advisor: Dr. Scott Limb,, 408-489-9875
Professional Leader: Pr. Chris Pak,, 510-456-8204

Acts 2 Christian Fellowship (A2CF) is an undergrad Christian campus ministry that desires to share the good news of Christ with everyone. All are welcome to join us, whether they are new to Christianity and want to find out what it is all about or they already Christian looking for a spiritual home. Through Bible studies, fun fellowship, good food, exciting outings and other activities, A2CF comes together to learn about God, life, and one another. A2CF is affiliated with a local Baptist church, but all students are welcome!

Acts Graduate Christian Fellowship

Student President: Albert C. Chen,, 248-762-4896
Professional Leader: Pr. Chris Pak,, 510-456-8204

Acts Graduate Christian Fellowship (AGCF) is a Christian campus ministry that desires to share the good news of Christ. All students are welcome to join, whether they are new to Christianity and want to find out what it is all about or they are already Christian looking for a spiritual home. Through Bible studies, fun fellowship, good food, exciting outings and other activities, AGCF comes together to learn about God, life, and one another. AGCF is affiliated with a local Baptist church.

Cardinal Life

Student Co-Presidents: David Green,, 949-422-8031; Kerry Kraemer,, 763-807-3527
Advisors: Steve and Lori Stenstrom,, 650-465-1696
Professional Leaders: Ron and Bonnie Sanders,, 650-813-1482

Cardinal Life is a welcoming Christian community that particularly reaches out to student athletes and seeks to show the love of Christ to the surrounding world. Cardinal Life desires to grow in faith and love with God and to grow in compassion for one?s neighbors as themselves. Another desire is to give tangible opportunities to serve the campus and surrounding community. They offer small group bible studies, book studies, worship gatherings, community service projects, and a variety of other activities to help members grow in faith and love. Everyone is welcome!

The Catholic Community at Stanford

Student Presidents: Jim Castelaz (Graduate),; Shelly Navato (Undergraduate)
Professional Leaders: Rev. Nathan Castle, O.P., Pastor/Director (Advisor),, 650-725-4681; Rev. Carl Schlichte, O.P.,, Teresa Pleins,; Nancy Greenfield,

The Catholic Community at Stanford is a family of students, faculty, staff, administrators, their families, and local community members. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and through a variety of social, educational, liturgical, and community service programs, they seek to form the Christian conscience, help members appropriate the Catholic faith, educate for justice, facilitate personal development, and form leaders for the future in an environment of religious and cultural diversity. They are a personal parish in the Diocese of San Jose under the pastoral care of Dominicans and lay leaders.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Student President: Awapuhi Dancil,, 808-264-3008
Professional Leader: Rev. Glen Davis,, 650-380-0896

Chi Alpha (XA) is a community of students earnestly following Jesus. Weekly worship gatherings are filled with music, given to humor and deal with everything from relationships to the nature of truth. XA also offers retreats, Bible studies, seminars, and opportunities to serve the needy in San Francisco and East Palo Alto. Sponsorship is provided by the Assemblies of God, and students from all backgrounds are welcome.

Chinese Campus Evangelistic Fellowship

Student President: Wenwei Zheng,, 650-387-1438
Advisors: David and Shirley Juan,, 408-738-3462

Chinese Campus Evangelistic Fellowship (CCEF) is a student organization aimed to help Chinese students bridge the cultural gap, ease their transition into their new environment, enrich their personal lives, and broaden horizons to new values and possibilities. On one hand, the founding reason of CCEF is the love of Jesus Christ, and the group?s caring activities and social concerns reflects values of the Christian faith. On the other hand, CCEF is an organization with an open door policy toward all faiths.

Christian Students

Student Co-Presidents: Manuel Manzanares,, 214-641-3130; Ming Yi,, 814-883-0196
Advisors: Jeff Chang,, 650-814-0494; Benjamin Dai,, 310-927-1891; Dr. Paul Lee,

Christians Students has been meeting on campus since 1992. Their goal, through the study and enjoyment of the Word of God, is to experience and enjoy Christ in daily living as nourishment (John 6:57, 63), and to minister Christ as life and love to one another for mutual encouragement and building up. All are welcome to come and join in on weekly campus Bible studies, small group/home fellowships, bi-annual conferences and retreats, and many other activities.


Student President: Tim Wolfe,, 860-798-5789
Professional Leader: Lindsay James,, 650-323-8678

Cornerstone is a church-based campus Christian ministry committed to helping undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford foster authentic community and learn together what it means to follow Jesus in our world.


Student President: Marcus Albonico,, 650-799-0605
Professional Leader: Paul Taylor,, 650-494-3840x231

Ekklesia is the college ministry of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto and operates as a partnership with on-campus Christian fellowships. The group invites students into a deeper relationship with others through the life of the church and a deeper relationship with God through His Word. Gathering together for breakfast prior to church on Sunday provides time for fellowship and relationship. Discipleship groups, social events, and retreats offer other opportunities for connection with each other and God.

Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry

Student Co-Presidents: Erik Donhowe,, 650-575-5176; Sonja Swanson,, 702-419-3229
Professional Leader: Rev. Greg Schaefer,, 650-857-9660

Episcopal Lutheran Campus Ministry (ELCM) is a Christian community of Episcopal, Lutheran, and other faith-seeking students. ELCM meets for worship, fellowship, faith development, study, and community service. Weekly ?Bread & Belonging? gatherings provide space to grow in faith and fellowship with one another. All are welcome.

International Students Christian Outreach

Student Co-Presidents: Kevin Sun,, 650-725-5953; Dan Blocksom,
Advisors: Johannes and Christa Rusckow,, 650-854-2531

International Students Christian Outreach (ISCO) offers warm Christian hospitality to international students, visiting scholars, and their families at Stanford from over 100 countries and cultures. ISCO?s program includes Bible studies in English, Japanese, Chinese, a Children?s Bible Church, English language classes, dinners, lectures, home stays with Christian families, an annual retreat at Yosemite National Park, a San Francisco Bay Cruise, and bi-annual golf weekends at Pebble Beach. No matter what their cultural or religious background may be, everybody is welcome.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Stanford (Undergrad)

Student President: David Kim,, 650-336-3900
Advisor: Sarah Bury (Interim Team Leader),, 213-448-0452

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is a fellowship of people from a diversity of both cultural and spiritual backgrounds who come together out of a common love for Jesus. IVCF is passionate about prayer, studying the scripture, justice, and racial reconciliation. Large group meetings are a time of musical worship, prayer and biblical teaching. There are also small groups in dorms where people can take time to look at passages from the Bible, and discuss their original meaning and their relevance today. Lastly, there is an off-campus conference every quarter.

InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship

Student President: Sadie Bartholomew,, 810-240-2659
Advisors: Prof. William T. Newsome,; Prof. Christina Kong,; Jennifer Lee Koh,
Professional Leader: Pete Sommer,, 650-575-2693

InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship (IV Grad-Stanford) aims to serve Jesus Christ by fostering spiritual formation, building community, engaging in evangelism and social service, and pursuing integration of faith and learning. IV Grad-Stanford is enthusiastically Christian, but folks of many backgrounds are found among the group. Some activities include weekly evening meetings featuring Christian leaders and academics, Bible study groups including one on the Gospels, a fall retreat in the San Mateo Coast Range, and community service tutoring and coaching kids.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association

Student President: Hoku Ching,, 808-341-5025
Advisor: Jeremy Hunt,, 650-855-9640

The goals of the Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) are to: (1) promote faith in Jesus Christ; (2) encourage and support members in achieving their academic goals and maintaining a balanced life while on campus; (3) encourage members to become an influence for good by participating in activities and service on campus and in the community; and (4) provide students with meaningful service opportunities and social and religious activities that are consistent with the LDSSA standards.

Lutheran Student Fellowship at Stanford

Student President: Albert Tsai,, 760-470-0744
Professional Leader: Rev. Stewart Crown,, 650-853-1295

Lutheran Student Fellowship at Stanford is a group of undergraduate and graduate students gathered around our Lord Jesus Christ, in communion with him and with one another. The group hears his Word and eats his Supper at Trinity Lutheran Church in Palo Alto. On campus, there are gatherings to study the Scriptures, because, as God?s Word to the world, in all their parts, they show Jesus. Activities include retreats, dinners, speaker series, and a variety of other events.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Student President: George Karakonstantakis,, 650-384-9207
Advisor: Rev. Peter Sotiras, 415-259-7435

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a student organization promoting the Orthodox Christianity and the way of life that comes through it to Orthodox Christians at Stanford. OCF organizes talks, services and prayers and conduct weekly meetings to provide with the Orthodox Christians ? and any student who wishes to join in ? with the proper opportunities to meet, discuss and exercise the Orthodox faith.

Parakaleo Christian Ministries

Student President: Eric Osborne,, 901-484-1597
Advisors: Steve & Erica Lawry,, 650-854-0194

Parakaleo Christian Ministries offers the Biblical Counseling Course, a unique three-quarter extracurricular course that covers practical personal life, relationship and counseling issues from an entirely Biblical perspective. The Biblical Counseling Course at Stanford is free and available to all undergraduate and grad students, faculty, university and ministry staff. Participants attend numerous different churches and various on-campus fellowships.

Quakers at Stanford

Student Co-Presidents: Vanessa Dang,, 410-493-5049; Hanna Muenke,, 650-644-5130
Advisor: Talley Kenyon,, 650-856-0744

Quakers at Stanford is a student organization dedicated to sharing the warmth, wisdom and values of Quakerism in a way that brings together ?experienced? Quakers, and those interested in learning more about the religion. The group holds weekly Meetings, the format changing throughout the month, such as discussions led by members of Palo Alto Friends? Meeting, Worship Sharing on queries, or silent Worship. Each year, the group organizes the exhibit Eyes Wide Open with the American Friends Service Committee. All are welcome regardless of background or affiliation.

Reformed University Fellowship at Stanford

Student President: Kristyn Kelley,, 512-431-1650
Professional Leader: Rev. David Jones,, 650-324-3352

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a Christian ministry associated with the Presbyterian Church in America. Although Presbyterian in affiliation, the group welcomes students from all walks of life and backgrounds, both the convinced and the unconvinced. Through worship, prayer, biblical instruction, service and vibrant relationships, RUF seeks to deepen understanding and practice of the Christian faith.

ReJOYce In Jesus Campus Fellowship

Student President: Michael King,, 510-303-4468
Advisor: Valesha Jones,, 650-327-9689

ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship is a spirit-filled Bible study and fellowship group that seeks to challenge individuals to pursue a deeper personal love relationship with Jesus, and to teach practical steps in applying God?s Word to all aspects of life.

Sports Challenge

Student President: Tom McAndrew,, 630-306-2242
Advisor: Jim Stump,, 650-799-5200

Sports Challenge is a campus ministry for student athletes dedicatd to teaching students what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Each member, roughly 36 students, of the club meets with the group?s advisor for an hour a week at Jimmy V?s Sport?s Café located on campus. Sports Challenge members also speak in churches throughout the community and participate in annual projects such as the Woodside Village Church Rummage Sale and the 2nd Mile Project.

United Campus Christian Ministry at Stanford

Student President: Jesse Stutt,, 620-212-2807
Professional Leader: Rev. Geoff Browning,, 650-725-0050

United Campus Christian Ministry (UCCM) at Stanford is a progressive Christian fellowship sponsored by the United Methodist, Presbyterian (PCUSA), United Church of Christ (Congregational), and American Baptist denominations. Dedicated to exploring spirituality and social justice, UCCM values questions as much as answers. Programs include dinner and discussion groups, interfaith Bible study, worship opportunities, service with local community organizations, interfaith and service retreats, summer fellowships, and meditation. Students of any or no faith background are welcome.


Hindu Students Council

Student Co-Presidents: Ashutosh Nadan Bagaria,; Sheel Tyle,, 650-804-6671
Advisor: Prof. Linda Hess,, 650-725-9732

The Hindu Students Council (HSC) is a representative organization of all Hindus on the Stanford campus. HSC aims to foster an environment that brings together Hindus of all religions who believe in the fundamental principles of love and respect of humanity and all that lives. The group strives to understand Hinduism in the modern context through the works and vision of Swami Vivekananda. Activities include major Hindu festival celebrations, study groups where Hindu philosophy is discussed in individuals? lives.

ISKCON Student Association of Stanford

Student President: Sakshi Arora,, 650-862-5056
Advisor: Gauranga Kishore Das,, 714-271-4128

ISKCON Student Association represents an ancient non-sectarian spiritual practice based on devotion to God and compassion for all living beings. It is based on the Vedic scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita, and was brought to America in 1965 by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Although an ancient tradition, it is not bound to any particular ritual or formality but instead teaches the essence of all religions, love of God and compassion. ISKCON hosts a weekly event that also includes a reading from the Bhagavad-gita, kirtan (chanting) and a free vegetarian dinner.


Chabad at Stanford

Student President: Natalie Sudikoff,, 310-849-2256
Advisor: Rabbi Dov Greenberg,, 650-494-3274

Chabad at Stanford is a vibrant Jewish student organization dedicated to sharing the warmth, wisdom and depth of Judaism in an exciting, non-judgmental fashion. Chabad helps create student programming, plans social action projects and offers many volunteer opportunities. The Chabad Center, located at 1289 College Avenue in Palo Alto, offers a place where students can socialize in a comfortable home-like setting with great friends, superb food and stimulating discussion. All are welcome regardless of background or affiliation.

Hillel at Stanford, Jewish Students Association

Student Leaders: Jessica Galant,, 949-463-0420; Joe Gettinger,, 650-804-4564
Professional Leader: Rabbi Mychal Copeland,, 650-725-1424

Hillel is a place that provides welcoming educational, religious, cultural, social, social justice, and spiritual programs for the Jewish Community and the broader Stanford Community. It is composed of about 12 student groups with different focuses aligned with Hillel?s goals and mission to promote dialogue. There are weekly Shabbat services on Friday nights as well as dinner every week. Also, there are sponsored barbecues, pool parties, speaker events, Torah study, Israel-focused programs, and other wide-ranging programs that cater to the diverse interests of the Stanford students.


Islamic Society of Stanford University

Student President: Abdulkareem Agunbiade,

The Islamic Society of Stanford University (ISSU) is a student organization that aims to provide services for Muslims to easily practice their religion on campus. The group hosts a variety of spiritual, social and community building events. Activities include regular Jumah Friday prayers all year round and social events ranging from dinners with members of the communities to trips to Six Flags. ISSU tries to provide a better understanding of Islam to non-Muslims and learn about the other religious groups by having different events that encourages dialogue with those with other faiths and beliefs.

Ismaili Student Association at Stanford

Student Co-Presidents: Aleema Jamal,, 301-906-0061; Al-Karim Lalani,, 650-644-8199

The Ismaili Student Association at Stanford (ISAS) aims to provide social, educational and religious programming for Ismaili students and to increase the awareness and understanding of the Ismaili Muslim faith in the Stanford community at large.


Satrang Sikh Student Association

Student President: Harjus Birk,, 530-941-1802
Advisor: Prof. Ravinder Dillon,

Satrang seeks to foster cultural and social awareness about Sikhism to the entire community. Major activities include the student initiated Sikhism course offered in the Spring, as well as cultural and religious events held throughout the year and open to everyone. Some of these activities include Lohri and Kirtan celebrations.


Unitarian Universalists at Stanford

Student President: Liese Pruitt,, 765-404-0927

Unitarian Universalists at Stanford meet weekly to discuss religion, spirituality and philosophy and to support one another as members seek for what is true and meaningful in our their lives. The group also has social justice projects, interfaith activities and social events each quarter and arranges rides to local churches.


Professional Members of SAR

The professional members of SAR (2008-2009) are individuals who, among other qualifications, have graduate theological degrees and have been appointed by, and are accountable to, a recognized outside religious organization, which regularly conducts an evaluation of the effectiveness of the individual member and his/her organization on campus.

Rev. Geoff Browning
Fr. Nathan Castle
Rabbi Mychal Copeland
Rev. Stewart Crown
Rev. Glen Davis
Ravinder Dillon
Ms. Nancy Greenfield
Mr. Jeremy Hunt
Rev. Lindsay Beals James
Rev. David Jones
Rev. Coryl Lassen
Dr. Dale Mouritsen
Mr. Jon Paris
Ms. Teresa Pleins
Fr. Peter Salmas
Ms. Bonnie Sanders
Mr. Ron Sanders
Rev. Chris Sang Pak
Rev. Greg Schaefer
Fr. Carl Schlichte
Rev. Scott Scruggs
Mr. Pete Sommer
Rev. Paul Taylor
Ms. Catherine Wolff