CSDGC Fellows are the center's core set of experts on the subject of sustainable development in the corporate world. They are drawn from a broad selection of departments within Stanford University, including Civil & Environmental Engineering, the Graduate School of Business, Economics, Management Science & Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. This array reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the challenges faced by corporations when implementing sustainable development policies and practices.

Gil Masters
Professor of Environmental Engineering and Science (Emeritus)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

Prof. Masters specializes in the interrelationships between environmental quality and energy consumption. His main focus is on the design and evaluation of renewable energy systems and energy efficient buildings, and the impact that these pollution prevention technologies can have in helping to reduce global climate change and acid rain, improve urban air quality, and extend the life of nonrenewable energy resources.

Michael Kavanaugh
Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

Dr. Kavanaugh is a member of the National Academy of Engineering in the U.S., as well as a consulting professor at Stanford, and a Principal at Geosyntec Consultants, Inc., a specialized consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure. He is recognized internationally for his work in process engineering, industrial waste treatment, strategic sustainable development and environmental management.

Hau L. Lee
Thoma Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology
Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Prof. Hau L. Lee's areas of specialization include global logistics system design, inventory planning, and manufacturing strategy. He is the founding and current Co-director of the Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum, an industry-academic consortium to advance the theory and practice of global supply chain management.

Frank Wolak
Holbrook Working Professor of Commodity Price Studies
Department of Economics, Stanford University

Prof. Wolak's fields of specialization are industrial organization and econometric theory. His recent work studies methods for introducing competition into infrastructure industries - telecommunications, electricity, water delivery and postal delivery services - and on assessing the impacts of these competition policies on consumer and producer welfare.

Gio Wiederhold
Professor (Emeritus)
Department of Computer Science, Stanford University

Prof. Wiederhold is an emeritus professor of computer science, electrical engineering and medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Wiederhold is a world famous pioneer and expert in information systems for decision-making and strategic planning, knowledge management systems and enterprise informatics.

Angelos Findikakis
Senior Principal Engineer
Bechtel Corporation

Dr. Findikakis is a consulting professor at Stanford and Senior Principal Engineer with Bechtel, one of the largest engineering, construction, and management firms in the world. He has thirty years of experience in a broad range of environmental and water resources studies, including both surface and groundwater problems in the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America.

Richard Dasher
US-Asia Technology Management Center, Stanford University

Dr. Dasher has been with the US-Asia Technology Management Center at Stanford University since 1993, becoming USATMC Acting Director in 1994 and Director in 1996. He is faculty advisor to several Stanford student-run organizations with focus on international entrepreneurship. Dr. Dasher maintains an active private consulting practice on international business strategy and planning, technology trend and opportunity analysis, and Japan market entry and performance improvement.

Leonard Ortolano
UPS Foundation Professor of Water Resources and Environmental Planning
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

Prof. Ortolano is Peter E. Haas Director of Haas Center for Public Service, and UPS Foundation Professor of Civil Engineering. He is a specialist in water resources and environmental planning, and urban, regional and enterprise smart growth and sustainable development. He is interested in the implementation of environmental policies and sustainable development programs in the United States and in developing countries.

Tom Kosnik
Fenwick and West Consulting Professor
Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford University

Dr. Kosnik is a Consulting Professor in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University and the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. He teaches Global Entrepreneurial Marketing, Global Entrepreneurial Leadership, and DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Program. His research and course development involves: Global Technology Marketing; Selling and Negotiating Across Cultures; Improving Performance of Global Products, Projects, and Account Relationships.

swhang Seungjin Whang
Jagdeep and Roshni Singh Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology
Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Prof. Seungjin Whang is the Jagdeep and Roshni Singh Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology, Stanford Business School. His research interests include supply chain management and economics of information technology In 2005 his paper "Information Distortion in a Supply Chain: The Bullwhip Effect," coauthored with H. Lee and P. Padmanabhan (1997), was elected to be one of “top ten most influential” papers in Management Science in its 50 years of publications history.

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