• Training. CSDGC develops and offers programs to promote the adoption of sustainable business practices in order to foster greater economic advantage.
  • Outreach. Outreach programs aimed at industry executives through forums and workshops on sustainable development and global competitiveness. These are offered at Stanford and various venues in Asia.
  • Visiting Affiliates. A Visiting Affiliates program exclusively for industrial member-partner organizations to send their leading research and technology personnel to Stanford to interact on specific projects.
  • Affiliation. An Affiliates program based on knowledge sharing, with the goal of fostering conceptualization and discussion of innovative, sustainable business models and ideas.

  • Transition. The transition from traditional business strategies to sustainable development strategies.
  • Leadership. Leadership for a sustainable future in the areas of environmental resource management, the global economy, business development, competition, social responsibility and trust.
  • Framework Innovation. Decision making, strategic planning, and implementation of frameworks for sustainable business development.
  • Engineered Efficiencies. Engineering Sustainable Development through the development of efficiencies for market and non-market business activities such as leadership, management, use of natural resources, and business operations.
  • Emerging Technologies. New technologies including those focused on management, energy use, water use and process engineering efficiencies.

Scenes from the 2009 Stanford-China Executive Leadership Summer Program
at Stanford University.

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