Book the SImps!

We perform at dorms, companies, community organizations, and group events. We can be booked for:

A 30-45 minute, never-been-seen-before, never-be-seen-again, completely improvised show for your group. Makes a great gift! ($75)

An hour-long hands-on improv experience. Most everyone walks out of the room beaming. ($100)

Something Else:
If you'd like to bring improv into something else you're doing, odds are that we would, too. In the past and/or our dreams, we have:

-MCed events
-Improvised serenades
-Gotten the party started!
-Been co-conspirators for secret improv missions

Get in touch! ($Let's talk about it)

To book a custom SImps show or workshop for your dorm, group, or event, contact us at simpsbooking [at] gmail [dot] com.

Book us for an event!