Quantum Computer Architecture

Subgroup Description

We investigate quantum computing at the system level, analyzing the engineering challenges which must be overcome to build a functioning large-scale quantum computer. Technical challenges include the integration of millions of devices into one system, producing high-accuracy gates, extending quantum memory lifetimes, processing classical control information, and interfacing with a quantum network.

The Quantum Computing subgroup also studies the execution of quantum algorithms, including Shor's factoring algorithm and the simulation of quantum chemistry. For simulation, we are studying new implementations which significantly reduce execution time of the algorithm.


Distributed Quantum Computing Using Semiconductor Nanophotonics

Layered Framework for Quantum Computing

Subgroup Members

Cody Jones

Peter McMahon

Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto

Recent Alumni

Dr. Thaddeus Ladd

External Collaborators

Prof. Rodney Van Meter (Keio University, Japan) [Group Website]

Dr. Austin Fowler (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Prof. Jungsang Kim (Duke University)

Prof. Alán Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard University)