Doctors who take care of themselves:

Are better role models for their patients.

Are better role models for their children.

Have higher patient satisfaction and safety scores.

Experience less stress and burnout.

Live longer.

Use this Web site to find what works for you.



New WellMD Center Director Announced

June, 2017
In a first for an academic medical center, Dr. Tait Shanafelt from the Mayo Clinic will become Stanford Medicine's inaugural Chief Wellness Officer as well as the new Director of our WellMD Center.  More

Stanford sponsoring new wellness conference

June, 2017
Registration for the first American Conference on Physician Health is now open, to be held in San Francisco October 12-13, 2017.  Stanford Medicine is one of the co-sponsors.  More

WellMD Status Report Released

May, 2017
The WellMD Center has released a 2017 status report outlining accomplishments, collaborations, impact and goals. More

Physician Wellness Survey Results are in

February, 2017
The results of our recent Physician Wellness Survey are in.  Individual Medical Staff members will receive a results report shortly from Dean Minor, and WellMD Center staff will be sharing cumulative department findings with each Department Chair.  More

2016 Physician Wellness Survey Underway

October, 2016
The 2016 Physician Wellness Survey is open this month as a follow-up to our 2013 survey.  New areas of focus include work flow interventions, and there is a department incentive for participation.  More

Wellness Center Becomes a Reality

April, 2016
The Stanford Center for Wellness and Professional Fulfillment has become a reality, with 5 year funding, an active staff, and projects forthcoming.  More


November, 2015
Agreeing with recommendations from a task force, Dean Minor has approved creation of an innovative physician wellness center, and has provided supportive funding.  More

Stanford Physician Wellness In The News

August, 2015
This month a Washington Post article showcased the Time Banking program created by Stanford Faculty Development, and a Time article looking at physician burnout highlighted the Surgical Residency Balance in Life Program.

Stanford cited in AMA Steps Forward program

July, 2015
A new national AMA education module addressing physician burnout prevention details Stanford's programs as an example of forward-thinking (see link page 14).  More

Peer support program expands

March, 2015
Our peer support program for medical staff and house staff has now expanded to include all difficult clinical situations including litigation.  The process can be activated with our new dedicated phone number and email address.  More

Change in committee chair

February, 2015
Dr. Bryan Bohman, founder of the Stanford Committee for Professional Satisfaction and Support, is stepping down at chair but will remain on the committee.  Our new chair is Dr. Rebecca Smith-Coggins.  More

New Health for Healers Research Group

Physician Health Expert Visits

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A variety of free immediate and longer term resources are available for physicians, their partners and children.



Recent Research on Physician Health

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