Center for Ocean Solutions (COS) researchers are finding ways to improve ocean health by applying the best available science and policy expertise to challenges including ocean governance, major impacts on the ocean stemming from global CO2 emissions such as ocean acidification and sea level rise, and other stressors to marine ecosystems. They are developing practical solutions by integrating advanced science and technology with economic, legal, social and political expertise.

Beyond developing knowledge to solve ocean challenges, COS researchers and staff translate marine science and policy research for government, business and nonprofit sector decision-makers. COS educates current and future leaders through graduate-level educational and research opportunities, highlights marine issues in the media and sponsors outreach programs to inform and empower action by existing and emerging leaders and decision-makers within the public and private sectors.

COS combines Stanford’s expertise in marine biology, oceanography, engineering, economics, law and policy with the aquarium’s unparalleled public education and outreach, and MBARI leadership in deep-sea technology, exploration and monitoring.

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