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SLAC Site Security

Simon Ovrahim
SLAC Site Security Manager

General SLAC Security:

Security Links

SLAC Site Security provides multiple services to SLAC Employees, Contractors, Users and Visitors. Please see the links in this webpage for information on those services. If you need further assistance, please visit our office (B53 VUE), or contact us via e-mail or by telephone at 650-926-2551.

See Gate Information this is a SLAC-Internal page for videos on how to use the automated gates.

Security Assistance
The Main Gate is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  650-926-2551.
Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 7am to 7pm, except holidays
The Security Office is located in the VUE Center (Visitor, User, Employee) in building 53 (SUSB). The building is directly behind main gate, slightly to the left as you come in.  The VUE Center is on the first floor, on the left side as you come in the building.
Mailing Address
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
SLAC Security
2575 Sand Hill Road, Mail Stop 86
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Site Access
The SLAC ID badge provides identification of employees, scientific users, and contractors to the site during working and non-working hours and for access to the Accelerator Area at all times.   A current SLAC ID badge is required for entry to the site unless specific entry information has been provided to the Gate Officers. ID is required at all times; during working hours, non-working hours, and on weekends and holidays.  See Gate Information this is a SLAC-Internal page for more information about the internal and external site access, including videos on how to use the automated systems.  See also our Site Safety, Security, and Access Guide [pdf] (normally handed out as a trifold brochure).
Visitors must be approved by the personnel they are coming to visit.  If you are expecting visitors who will be onsite less than 14 days, please fill out a Visitor Entry Request form. this is a SLAC-Internal page
Note! This form is for Visitor Entry, not to be used for short-term workers. If you have a person working short-term at SLAC, do NOT use this form.  They need to be processed by International Service Office - contact the SLAC Site Security Manager for more information.
SLAC badges are obtained through a SLAC sponsor and cannot be obtained directly through Security. Please see the Badging Information page.
In addition, subcontractors working after hours or on weekends need a special Subcontract After-Hours Form this is a SLAC-Internal page to be filled out by the Facility Construction Manager.
Accidents should be reported immediately via 650-926-5555. (Onsite phones can use extension 5555.)  A Patrol Officer will be dispatched to the location immediately. If anyone is injured, the reporting party should dial 911 immediately, followed by a call to Security x5555.   See Emergency Information for more information and phone numbers.
Theft Reports
Thefts should be reported to Security immediately via 650-926-2551 (Main Gate). A Patrol Officer will be dispatched to the location to prepare an incident report.
Everyone at SLAC must ensure that they provide adequate storage and protection of government equipment and materials in their possession. Physically securing your computer, high value items, and personal belongings and property, locking your office when you will be away and keeping hand tools in a locked tool box or cabinet should be a high priority for everyone at SLAC. Know or find out who your computer administrator is to ask for additional information in securing your computers. If someone is in your area removing computers or equipment, stop and question him or her.


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