Piero A. Pianetta

Professor (Research) of Electrical Engineering

Deputy Director, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

SLAC Bldg. 137, Rm. 313
(650) 926-3484
(650) 926-4100 (fax)

Professor at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory and of Electrical Engineering (Research)
Primary areas of interest: 1) X-ray microscopy with current projects involving the development of hard x-ray imaging capabilties in the 10-50nm resolution range as well as x-ray fluorescence mapping at the micron scale; 2) Semiconductor Surface and Interface Physics using photoectron spectroscopy; and 3) the use of glancing incidence x-ray fluorescence for ultratrace analysis. Ph.D. Stanford 1977

Research Interests

Ultrasensitive methods for analyzing contamination on silicon wafer surfaces.

Understanding the relationship between the atomic and electronic structure of semiconductor interfaces and their electrical properties.

Ph.D. Student Research Projects

Former Ph.D. Students

Recent Publications



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