BART has a new procurement portal. All existing and prospective bidders, proposers, vendors, contractors and suppliers must register in the new system to receive information about ongoing procurement activity. All new RFPs will be posted online to the new webiste where you can download Solicitation Documents. You will only be able to participate as a Proposer if you register and download Solicitation Documents from the Procurement Portal. Sign up today.

Procurement activity as of May 5, 2016:

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All prospective bidders and proposers who are interested in submitting a bid or proposal on MSBE set-aside contracts being advertised must be certified first by BART’s Office of Civil Rights as an MSBE. If interested, please click the link to download the MSBE certification application for submission. Bids or proposals received from bidders/proposers who are not certified as MSBEs will be considered non-responsive.


Prospective bidders and subcontractors for BART’s construction contracts are hereby notified that BART has implemented a Small Business Bonding Assistance Program (SBBAP) to provide assistance for firms needing bonding support services. Firms interested in enrolling in this Program are directed to contact the SBBAP provider, Meriwether and Williams Insurance Services, attention Ms. Sharron Drake. Phone: (510) 740-6922 ext. 2 or email:


BART District Contractor Code of Conduct
The Board recently approved the District Contractor Code of Conduct that requires compliance from all contractors as well as their subcontractors doing business with the District. These standards supersede all prior written ethics policies adopted which are in conflict with these standards. Also, these standards are in conjunction with applicable provisions of the District's Procurement Manual and other applicable Board Rules, policies and procedures. For more information, you can download and print the attached link.

Download the Code of Conduct


Spring 2013 Notice to Small Business Owners


Dear Business Owner,

BART has embarked upon a Small Business Opportunity Program initiative.  It was developed by the Office of Civil Rights and presented to the Board of Directors who approved its adoption and implementation within the District.  BART Procurement is embarking upon implementing it in relation to the various procurements we conduct for services, construction, and supplies and material. In the last area noted, supplies and material, the Small Purchase Division will play a key role in this program.  In completing any small purchase (a procurement under $100,000), the Purchase Division staff will endeavor to locate and procure the needed item from a Certified Small Business.

Where will the buyers go to find a Certified Small Business?
BART Purchasing will begin utilizing the California Department of General Services website to locate certified Small Businesses. The website is located at ( This site contains a listing of firms that DGS has certified as Small Businesses.  These are firms that had less than 14 million dollars per year in sales on average over three years and less than 100 employees.  The registration process is quick and can be completed online.

What should you do?
If you are interested in possibly becoming a BART vendor - then go and REGISTER.  If your business fits within the certification requirements and you are not yet certified with the California DGS Website, we would encourage you to go to the site and sign-up. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes and is a simple process.  Once you are certified on the DGS site, BART may take advantage of your certification and seek you out to provide the various supplies and material we need to operate the District.  Not only does this help us to attain our goal, but it has the potential to increase your revenues as a certified business since other government and city agencies also utilize the DGS website to search for small businesses to meet their needs.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, we look forward to doing business with you,

BART Procurement Department