Policy and Reports

General Orders, Policies and Procedures


The "Policies and Procedures Manual" contains the operational orders established by the Police Department to maintain the safety of our employees while we provide public safety and police services to our stakeholders.



Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS)


COPPS is an organization-wide policing philosophy and management approach that promotes community, government, police partnerships and proactive problem solving to reduce a jurisdiction's crime and social disorder. Throughout this bulletin words community and commuters will be referred to and are meant to be interchangeable.

 Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS)


BART Police Department Management Audit

The BART Police Department Management Audit was conducted July - September, 2013. This audit reviews specific areas of the administration and operation of the BART Police Department and compared it with original recommendations made in the NOBLE BART Management Audit from 2009. Therefore, the agency is measured in this report based on the quality of the implementations of the recommendations made in the original report.

BART PD Performance Management Audit


NOBLE Report

The NOBLE Management Audit Final Report, received on March 25, 2010, includes recommendations based on a comprehensive assessment of BART Police Department policies and tactics from recruitment, hiring and training to use of force and investigatory practices.

NOBLE Management Audit Final Report

NOBLE Audit Matrix, March 2011

NOBLE Audit Matrix, June 2011

NOBLE Audit Matrix, January 2012

NOBLE Audit Matrix, June 2012

NOBLE Audit Matrix June 2013

 Noble Audit Matrix January 2014.pdf

NOBLE Matrix Update July 2014 (7)FINAL.pdf



NOBLE Audit Matrix February 2016.pdf


Internal Affairs Report


This report contains statistical data compiled by the BART Police Office of Internal Affairs, addressing the number and nature of misconduct allegations resulting from both Citizen Issues and Administrative Investigations. Additionally, the report enumerates use of force statistics.

2010 BART Police Internal Affairs Report