New Train Car Project


BART began service over 40 years ago.  The original BART cars are near the end of their useful lives and need to be replaced.  

Bombardier Transit Corporation will build BART's Fleet of the Future.  A complex supply chain and assembly process, followed by rigorous testing, will result in the first new train cars going into service Fall 2016.

Over 35,000 customers participated in outreach events during the design phase.  Based on their input, the new cars will be:

  • Quieter:  "micro-plug" doors will help seal out noise
  • Cooler:  cooling systems will distribute air directly to the ceilings, making it more comfortable for standees on hot days
  • Comfortable:  padded seats will be covered with wipeable fabric for ease of cleaning
  • Easy to use:  routes will be color coded like the BART system map, and next stop information will be readily available via automated announcements and digital screens.

BART's goal is to order 1,081 new train cars, increasing the number of seats in the fleet by 49%.

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