Wireless Connections

Mobile Signal on BART
Whether you need to be connected for work or fun while riding BART, you’ll find a mostly continuous mobile signal for you to text, talk and surf the web on your wireless phone from Balboa Park into downtown San Francisco, through the Transbay Tube and all throughout the Oakland underground as long as you are a customer of a major wireless phone company (smaller carriers may join the network later).

We're working to have mobile phone service throughout the remainder of our tunnels and underground stations, including those in Berkeley and on the Peninsula.

We understand that every minute counts, and we hope that by giving you the ability to catch up on work or socialize while in our stations and onboard our trains, you’ll be able to make the best use of your valuable time. However, we do ask that you be courteous to other passengers. Please keep your voice down and, whenever possible, text instead of talk. Also, please do not use your speaker phone.


Connectivity Issues
If you experience connectivity problems with your mobile service while riding BART, your best bet is to contact your cellular provider first by dialing 611. On Dec. 1, 2011, the BART Board of Directors adopted a Cell Service Interruption Policy that allows for temporary interruptions only in the most extraordinary of circumstances. So if you've got connectivity problems, it's likely a technical issue that your provider can help resolve.