BART Police deploy additional officers during holidays

BART Police deploy additional officers during holidays

Plainclothes & uniformed officers on the look-out for pickpocketers and other predators

The BART Police Department is launching a special deployment of officers during the holiday shopping season, which traditionally begins the Friday after Thanksgiving. The deployment includes undercover officers to protect the safety of customers using BART to shop or to travel to the airport during the holidays.

BART Police will be especially vigilant for potential pickpocketers but will, of course, enforce all laws. Overall, crimes on the BART system are down or steady compared to recent years.

The BART Police Department's special holiday deployment includes:

  • adding plainclothes officers on trains and in stations.
  • additional uniformed patrols on trains.
  • continuing reassessment of the effort by zone officers and a crime analyst.

While BART Police officers work constantly to prevent crime, they remind riders they can add to their safety by taking a few simple precautions.

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Keep your personal items close by and hide valuables such as cell phones when not in use.
  • Stay alert, avoid dozing off.
  • Report suspicious activity to the Train Operator via intercom or BART Police via toll free phone number: 877.679.7000.
  • When entering or exiting a station, walk in well-lighted areas and avoid pairs or groups of people.