BART is the best way to go to the airport

BART is the best way to go to the airport

Whether you're planning a trip to or from the Bay Area BART is the best way to travel to/from OAK or SFO.

Here's why: Travel by car costs for gas, parking, tolls, mileage, time, pollution and traffic problems. Taking a shuttle means higher fares, earlier pick-up, multiple stops, traffic and longer travel times. Taxis are extremely expensive per mile especially in traffic. Rides from friends or family means all the costs of driving plus, waiting and circling the airport if someone's arriving. Taking BART to SFO/OAK is convenient, saves time, money and traffic hassles.

Plan your Trip
Use BART QuickPlanner to schedule departures and arrivals.

Save Money
Our highest fare is only $7.10 from Fremont to SFO: Calculate your low fare now.

Save Time
BART's on time train arrival rate is 91%.

Save on Parking
Long Term Reserved Parking is only $5.00 a day at most East Bay BART stations, and you can reserve your space ahead of time online!

Reduce Stress
No worries about traffic jams, accidents or car problems. Save friends and families time and money: have them drop you at one of 42 BART stations throughout the Bay Area for an easy, convenient, relaxing ride to the airport.

Is SFO your destination?
The BART station is inside the San Francisco International Terminal a mere 50 yards from airline check-in. The Airtrain to Terminal 1 or 3 is just above the station. Both terminals are also within walking distance from BART. For more details about a BART-SFO trip, visit BART's SFO airport page.

Going to OAK airport?
If you're going to Oakland International Airport, take BART to Oakland Airport/Coliseum Station where convenient AirBART shuttles link to the airport every 15 minutes. For more details about a BART-OAK trip, visit the OAK airport page.

When your travel plans call for flying in or out of the Bay Area take BART and see why thousands of Bay Area residents and travelers from around the world ride BART. BART is the fastest, easiest and cheapest ride to/from OAK or SFO. Take BART to/from OAK/SFO, it's the best way!