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Ocean Leadership Curriculum

The Center for Ocean Solutions works to create sharable workshop and course curriculum from our leadership development activities for use by our partners, collaborators, and other education programs. Our curriculum incorporates learner-centered design, as well as problem-based, and active learning pedagogy.

Current curriculum packages are available for download below, and can be modified to suit the needs of a variety of adult learners. Please contact Laura Good,, if you have any questions about this curriculum and/or audience suitability.

Lesson Plan: Managing Cumulative Effects

Managing a Mess of Cumulative Effects: Linking Science and Policy to Create Solutions

In this lesson, students manage cumulative effects in coastal marine ecosystems while learning to apply the scientific and policy principles necessary to make coastal management decisions.

Mach, M.E., Reiter, S.M., & Good, L. H. (2015). Managing a mess of cumulative effects: linking science and policy to create solutions. Current: The Journal of Marine Education, 29(2), 26-31.

Grade Levels: 11-12th Grade/ Undergraduate/ Graduate; students in environmental/ marine science or policy.
Subjects: Resource Management/ Cumulative Effects/ Ocean Literacy/ Marine Conservation

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