Project: Kelp Forest Array

The Kelp Forest Array is a state-of-the-art cabled platform for observational and experimental science aimed at monitoring and understanding local impacts of global climate change.

Increasing climate change and ocean acidification pressures require the establishment of long-term, baseline monitoring methods to document how a currently healthy system changes and to understand effects of climate change in relation to this natural variability. Current monitoring practices limit resolution and longevity of baseline data sets.

The Kelp Forest Array (KFA) is a state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art cabled platform located near a kelp forest in California’s Monterey Bay that allows observational and experimental science to build our understanding of the local impacts of global climate change and human activities. The KFA enables gathering of oceanographic data metrics such as water temperature, current speed and direction, dissolved oxygen concentration, salinity and acidification (pH) in real time as well as support short-term experiments. The array’s data communication and power supply enable the capabilities of an onshore laboratory to be located in the natural ocean environment, yielding more true-to-life results from a suite of climate and oceanographic instrumentation.

Center for Ocean Solutions KFA Team:
Project Lead: Becca Martone (ecosystem health program lead)
Early Career Fellows: Mike Squibb