Workshop: Preparing for the Future: Climate Change and the Monterey Bay Shoreline

Workshop Summary and Materials

December 6, 2011 · 8:30am–5:00pm

Monterey Conference Center, Steinbeck Forum

One Portola Plaza

Monterey, California


This one-day climate change adaptation planning workshop was developed for local decision makers in the Monterey Bay coastal region.

Preparing for the Future was an invitation-only event designed specifically to familiarize coastal decision-makers with adaptation planning practices, tools and scientific information available to prepare for future climate change impacts.

The goal of this interactive workshop was to bring together state and local government planning staff to share information on preparing for sea level rise and coastal hazards along the Monterey Bay coastline.

The workshop objectives were to provide participants with a better understanding of:

-Projected impacts from sea level rise and coastal storms to the Monterey Bay region
-Climate change adaptation planning processes and available adaptation strategies
-Monterey Bay planning processes currently underway
-Analytical tools and funding sources to support adaptation planning