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Measure C Oversight Committee and Program Overview

Measure C Oversight Committee (MCOC)

The Measure C Oversight Committee (MCOC) is a 15-member appointed advisory board entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring proper administration and oversight of the revenue collection and spending, and the implementation of the programs mandated by the Measure C Ordinance. Each City Council member is to appoint three (3) members.


  1. Nancy Alvarez
  2. Antoine Brooks
  3. Minister Margaret Carter
  4. Tonga Fakalata
  5. Stewart Hyland
  6. Jennifer Jackson    
  7. Casey Kellogg
  8. Georganne Morin
  9. Isaac Stevenson
  10. Isaiah Vi
  11. Luis Vizcardo
  12. Patrick Ward
  13. William Webster
  14. (To be filled)
  15. (To be filled)

                         Agendas, Minutes, Recommendations
Agendas will be posted prior to the meetings if a quorum is   

                           reached. Minutes will be available following approval.)


Most Recent Agenda 

Most Recently Approved Minutes

MCOC Recommendations to City Council

Measure C Program Overview

In November 2006, the voters of East Palo Alto approved the Crime Fighting Act of 2007; also better known as Measure C, a parcel tax purposed to establish funds to provide programs with crime and violence prevention intent. The measure was established for a 10 year period (2007-2017).

The Measure C Program consists of three (3) program areas: Truancy, Public Safety, and Grants. The over-arching goals and objectives of the Measure C Program are articulated in the following vision and mission statements. 

*Vision:  Sustaining an environment where neighborhoods are safe and families are free of violence and crime.
*Mission  The community will work together and enhance services and programs to prevent violence and crime in the City of East Palo Alto.

To learn more about Measure C strategic goals and objectives, please read the EPA Measure C Violence Prevention Strategic Work Plan 2011-2017.  

Truancy Prevention Pilot Program (TBD)

Public Safety Program

The Measure C Ordinance provides that 50% of collected funds are allocated to the Police Department for community and neighborhood policing, training, crime suppression and investigations (known as Public Safety allocation).  With the support of Measure C funding the East Palo Alto police Department has made great strides in increasing its level of service to the community and has been recognized nationally for its community policing model.  Read more about the Police Department’s efforts:  East Palo Alto Police Crime and Violence Reduction Plan 2013

For more information on the Public Safety Program please contact Chief Albert Pardini

Independent Evaluation

Each year the Measure C Program is subject to financial and program audits to ensure accountability and the proper disbursement of the proceeds of the tax in accordance with objectives of the ordinance. The audit reports describe the use of the fund and makes recommendations for program improvements.

Measure C/TOT Grant Program Staff

Karla M. Prince-Cheng, M.S.Ed., Interim Measure C/TOT Grant Program & Volunteer Coordinator
City of East Palo Alto, City Manager's Office
2415 University Avenue, 2nd Floor
East Palo Alto, CA. 94303
Phone: (650) 853-3132 Fax: (650) 853-3115