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Route 101/University Avenue (State Route 109) Interchange Modification Project
Project Description
The City of East Palo Alto in cooperation with Caltrans and San Mateo County Transportation Authority (TA) is working to construct safety and traffic operational improvements at the State Route 101 / University Avenue Overcrossing.The project will include widening the overcrossing to accommodate wider sidewalk and class 2 bicycle lanes to fill a missing bicycle gap over Route 101 to improve bicycle and pedestrian access and safety along University Avenue. The project was originally approved by Caltrans to be implemented over two stages:
  • Stage 2A will include construction of a diagonal southbound off-ramp, and widening of University Avenue overcrossing for pedestrians on the north side of the structure. Stage 2A design work was completed and approved by Caltrans in 2004.The estimated construction cost for this stage is $7 million.
  • Stage 2B of the project will include widening the over-crossing structure on the south side as well as the approaches on both sides of the structure to accommodate bike lane. Stage 2B will be implemented upon securing funding and currently remains unfunded.

In summary, the city is currently working on the execution of Funding and Cooperative Agreements with Caltrans the TA to update the plans and specifications.

Route 101-University Overcrossing.JPG