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Planning and Housing Division
Community Development BuildingThe East Palo Alto Planning and Housing Division is responsible for current and long range planning within the city.The division maintains and updates the city’s General Plan and interprets and enforces the city’s Zoning Regulations. The division provides support to the Planning Commission and the Senior Advisory Committee.

Permit CenterThe Planning Department's principal activities are:
  • Development and maintenance of the General Plan
  • The development of specific plans based on the General Plan, to provide more specific guidance for the development of the various city areas
  • Implement RBD/4 Corners Specific Plan and Gateway/101 Corridor Specific Plan.
  • Reviewing of private development projects and proposed capital improvements projects and other physical projects involving city property for consistency and conformity with the General Plan and zoning regulations.Includes preparing reports and presenting to Planning Commission and City Council as needed
  • The formulation of planning policies and standards that will ensure a quality living and working environment for East Palo Alto neighborhoods and districts
  • Providing assistance to residents on a variety of issues regarding their property
  • Anticipating and acting on the need for new plans, policies, and Zoning Ordinance changes
  • Participates in the management and oversight of the Successor Agency low and moderate income housing stock.  Please note that the loss of Redevelopment Agencies has severely impacted the availability of funding for affordable housing programs and projects.

Vista 2035The City of East Palo Alto and its Planning Division are in the process of updating the City’s General Plan, which establishes policies, goals, and programs for the long-term physical development of the community. It’s a guideline for implementing the community’s vision for what residents and other stakeholders want the City to be for future generations. To learn more and be a part of the process, please visit