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Gateway / 101 Project Area
Gateway101 Project Area
New residential development 
This project area was formed in 1993. The Gateway / 101 Corridor Redevelopment Project Area (G101) consists of 146 acres north of Highway 101. The boundaries are Highway 101 and East Bayshore road on the south, Pulgas Avenue on the east, Donohoe and Bell streets on the north, and University and Capitol avenues on the west. Land uses in G101 consist of regional-serving retail, local-serving retail, and residential uses.

Valuation & Tenants
The assessed valuation of G101 was $17 million in 1993 when the Redevelopment Area was formed. The 2009 assessed valuation was $341 million. G101 is the EPA's largest revenue generator with more than $2.2 million in annual sales tax. Plus, more than 800 workers are employed in the Center, with approximately 40% representing EPA residents. Major owners / tenants include IKEA (297,000 square feet), Home Depot (245,000 square feet), Nordstrom Rack (50,000 square feet), Sports Authority (50,000 square feet), Office Depot (31,000 square feet), and Mi Pueblo Supermarket (31,000 square feet). Another 23,000 square feet is occupied by Starbucks Coffee, Togo’s / Baskin Robbins, McDonalds, California Bank and Trust, and Taco Bell.

Residential Development
There has been substantial residential development, including the University Square community and the Peninsula Park Apartments. The University Square housing community has 217 new single family homes built on 36 acres. It was developed by Signature Properties and Ponderosa Homes. The community also includes the new 2-acre “Joel Davis Memorial Park.” The second development "Peninsula Park Apartments" was co-developed by BRIDGE Housing and EPACANDO; a local non-profit housing developer. The Agency contributed $10 million toward the development of 129 apartment units with 65 reserved for very low and low-income households.