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Ravenswood Project Area
This Project Area was formed in 1990. It encompasses approximately 200 acres including both the Four Corners (Bay/University Avenue) and the Ravenswood Business District (RBD). The Four Corners area is primarily characterized by a mixture of retail and residential uses.

More recently, the Ravenswood/ 4 Corners Transit Oriented Development Specific Plan (the Plan), encompassing this project area, was completed. The Plan offers a great opportunity to create a community vision around land uses in the RBD and 4 Corners area and bring public transit alternatives to East Palo Alto to facilitate the smart growth of, and increased access to the Ravenswood Redevelopment Project area.

The assessed valuation of the Four Corners / Ravenswood project areas was $36.7 million in 1990 when the Redevelopment Area was formed. In 2009, the assessed valuation was $96.2 million.