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Traffic Signal Upgrade and Geometrics Design
The proposed project involves traffic signal modifications and improvements to the intersections of University Avenue/Bell Street and East Bayshore Road/Pulgas Avenue, and at the approaches to the intersections.  

1. University Avenue/Bell Street

Protected left turn phasing will be added to the University Avenue traffic signals which should reduce the occurrence of broadside accidents.  Currently, University Avenue does not have protected left turn phasing for the existing left turn lane. The protected left turn phasing should reduce the occurrence of accidents.

The protected left turn phase will improve the traffic operations at the intersection and enhance safety by a reduction of accidents.  The existing mast arm only extends to the through lanes and is not long enough to reach the existing left turn lane.  

2. East Bayshore Road/Pulgas Avenue 

The Pulgas Avenue intersection will be re-aligned to provide a perpendicular approach to East Bayshore Road which will improve sight distance visibility for traffic approaching the intersection.  Pulgas Avenue currently approaches at a skewed angle and limits visibility of traffic approaching the intersection.

                      University/Bell Intersection                                           East Bayshore/Pulgas Intersection