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Storm Drain Master Plan & Condition Assessment
Storm Drain Master Plan and Storm Drain Cleaning, Inspection and Conditions Assessment

As authorized by City Council on October 23, 2012, a contract has been established with Schaaf and Wheeler to conduct a Storm Drainage Cleaning, Inspection and Conditions Assessment, and prepare a Storm Drainage Master Plan. Preparation of the 2013 Storm Drain Master Plan for East Palo Alto involve the following tasks:

  • Collect data from San Mateo County, FEMA, and other sources that relates to the City’s storm drainage.
  • Utilize the 2005 San Mateo County DEM topography and other data collected for Task 1,
  • To create a city watershed system map.
  • Conduct site reconnaissance, including CCTV inspection of the storm drain network.
  • Prepare a Storm Drainage Cleaning, Inspection and Conditions Assessment Report
  • Conduct limited cleaning within budget of priority areas, and more detailed inspection as needed in those areas.
  • Review and update storm drain system maps
  • Identify key stormwater management areas
  • Create a GIS map of the storm drainage system
  • Conduct hydrologic and hydraulic modeling by developing a SWMM model with existing and future land uses.
  • Analyze system capacities to determine key regions of the system that lack sufficient capacity to adequately drain a 10-year event.
  • Review Storm Drain Policy Analysis
  • Analyze alternatives and prioritize improvement recommendations
  • Capital Improvement Program Recommendations for existing facilities and in support of future development and growth
  • Analysis of Funding Opportunities
  • NPDES and LIDS Improvements
  • Prepare a draft SDMP Report for review by Staff and the Commissions.
  • present the draft SDMP to both the City’s Commissions.
  • Prepare final draft SDMP Report based on comments received.
  • Present the revised draft report to City Council for adoption.

The project mapping, initial inspection and conditions assessment field work has been completed and the consultant has prepared a draft conditions assessment report, which will be presented to City Council on November 19, 2013, and Public Works and Transportation Commission on November 20, 2013.

As the O’Connor Pump Station pumps are in need of routine maintenance, the contract was recently amended to include a detailed evaluation of the O’Connor Pump Station to review the performance and recommend improvements for the Pump Station. The Consultant is currently working on the SDMP recommendations and we anticipate a draft copy of the SDMP to be presented to the Commissions sometime around January 2014, with a presentation to City Council to follow.

Additional Information:
Draft Stormdrain Condition Report